Put it online now, find it later

Net-It Central helps you put released documents—policy and procedure manuals, job postings, reports, employee directories and more—on your intranet simply by saving the file.

  • Automate document publishing / indexing
  • Convert to text searchable PDF and CDL
  • Share non-editable renditions of the documents
  • Page-at-a-time transfer (ideal for viewing large documents)
  • "I have read this document" indicator

Departments can add or update documents easily, without special training or IT involvement, using the software applications that they already know, including Microsoft Word and Excel.
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Net-It Central automatically publishes and indexes documents, so it is easy for content users to rapidly find and view the documents they need without requiring every application on their desktop.


Share documents with employees, like policy and procedure manuals, while keeping control of the content. No unauthorized revisions, edits, or even printing.
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Good things don't have to be complicated. Released documents can be accessed by all without investing in a complex document management system.
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Deploy Quickly

Documents can be automatically published and indexed quickly and easily. Your new site can be ready for access just a few hours after installing Net-It.
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